How do you start this thing off…..,oh yea I tell you a paragraph describing myself and the qualities I have and you will judge me by all of my mistakes. but, this blog is specifically for me to prevent my mind from exploding and overthinking. So you can fuck off now. i run off peoples vibes, im as deep as they come.

currently:bisexual,confused,single,20. I think all the time,but when you talk to me I take a long time to process what your saying and how to respond. I feel my life is slipping between my fingers as we speak and I am wasting my time making it a priority to get fucked up. I’m growing up but sulking down into my own self hate. I’m a huge hypocrite bc I dislike things for a moment and in the next I do those which I stood so firmly against. I know everything I’m doing is wrong, I’m also awake to everything around me but I refuse to move from my comfort zone to change these. trust is not something im willing to give out for free, neither is my time. it bothers me when ppl stare at me for a period of time, overthinking is my hobby, everythings awkward and I usually make it that way. I’m the most chill and paranoid person you’ll ever meet.

Don’t mis judge my silence that I’m unintelligent,I’m only listening to hear the earth move beneath us. This is me and I change constantly.
im just waiting for the future to swallow me whole. oh and i like to take drugs, the end.